Reparación de Carroceria

En American Crash disponemos de varias opciones a la hora de reparar su vehiculo dependiendo de la magnitud y gravedad del daño.

All sort of dents Repair

We have specialists in repairing all sort of dents without damaging the original paint and special tools for repairing every part of the car which is damaged.

Precise Paint Repair

We have an innovative area of precise repairs. It is called Spot Repair .When there is a dent and the paint is damaged, we work in this area. In this area there are five independent boxes which are fully equipped with the latest technology.
All the products we use are wáter based because we are aware of the environment

Complete Wreck Repair

Amercian Crash S.R.L has an up-to-date and well- equipped colour laboratory.
We have master technicians who are experienced in colour. They can get the colour range the original paint of the car is. They work quickly and properly.
Our furnaces and cabins to paint cars ( LAGOS ) have a special certifícate of O.E.M. nª1 in Europe to use water based paint when we paint.