Hailstone Repair

We have master technicians who are specialized in different areas:

DismantlingAssemblyAuto bodyworkColourPaintChanging of glassFinal Process

We have sophisticated and special tools, compressors, paint cabins, laboratorios of colour and the latest technology for drying. ( Lamps I.R.T ) to work efficiently.
We work together with the leading paint brand GLASURIT ( BASF ). We also use the best products water based and we are able to guarantee our work for five years.

American Crash S.R.L has a relevant experience in repairing 0 km cars and used cars because we use the same method and products to get the same level of quality.

We believe that our sacrifice, honesty and the compromise with our clients are the causes of why people from all over the world choose us.

Our relationship with the client has always started with a quality test and it has always ended in an excellent trade alliance

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Reparación Masiva

Reparación de vehículos dañados por granizo en carpas adaptadas especialmente para lograr las condiciones de trabajo optimas .