We want to satisfy the client’s demand


We have experience all around the world.

Hailstone Repair

We specialize in hailstone repair without damaging the paint.

Bodywork Repair

We have the latest tools and relevant experience to repair complete wrecks.

Paint Repair

Speed and excelence in painting a part of a car or the whole car.


The technicians of American Crash S.R.L are experienced. Most of them have worked for more than twenty years with the leading brands of the automobile industry


We have an innovative system of work. We can sort out any problem in a few minutes.We have the quickest service in the automobile industry .


American Crash S.R.L has the latest technology and an advanced system of work. Due to it, we command a reasonable and attractive price.

Why American Crash S.R.L?

We are international leaders in dent removal without damaging the original paint. Our company specializes in the mass repair of cars which were damaged by the hailstone. Not only American Crash S.R.L repairs dents but it also offers an international car repair service.