Our Services

The company started in 2007.The owners of American Crash S.R.L are three paint and dent repair specialists who started their career in the automobile industry called General Motors Argentina.
These specialist technicians offer a unique system of work. They have special tools and the lastest technology to satisfy the client’s demand. American Crash S.R.L is today well-known all around the world because of the quick and efficient service it provides to the clients.
We are suppliers of the main automobile industries of Argentina and we have already worked for foreign automobile industries . These automobile industries can prove that our system works effectivily.

Hailstone Repair

American Crash S.R.L specializes in cars which are damaged by hailstone. The company has a lot of skillfull technicians who can remove all sort of dents. This allow us to work fast , orderly and in different places at the same time.

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Bodywork Repair

We have a variety of ways of repairing your car. It depends on the magniture and gravity of the damage:

- All sort of dents without damaging the original paint.
- Precise paint repair
- Complete wreck repair.

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